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1-Aug-2017, 20:59


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2-Aug-2017, 04:15
Northeast CORNER of Yellowstone NP. Go in through ROSEBUD, Montana -- BUT EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT GRIZZ!!! They are not called the Beartooth Mountains for nothing. Bring a LOT of film -- and a bear HORN!

Thad Gerheim
2-Aug-2017, 06:30
When? Sawtooth Mts. and the Salmon river country around Stanley, sixty miles north of Sun Valley, are awful ugly.:o Be sure to skirt around there.


Paul Cunningham
2-Aug-2017, 09:36
Sun Valley, up the highway above Ketchum is beautiful. Also The Nature Conservancy Preserve, Silver Creek, at Picabo is well worth visiting. (South of Hailey and Ketchum).

2-Aug-2017, 09:49
How much time are you planning? What time of year? Camping, hiking or paid rooms?

One trip or broken up so you can spend more time in each place?

2-Aug-2017, 17:15
We will be traveling in a small private propeller airplane, and will spend about a day or two at each place giving us a fair amount of flexibility. Hotels or motels, no camping this time! We are coming from Virginia…

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2-Aug-2017, 17:16
I forgot to mention that it will be two weeks from now

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Thad Gerheim
2-Aug-2017, 18:47
If you are planning to come during the eclipse, I hear all the motels are booked within a one hundred and twenty mile radius of Stanley. We are on the line of totality. If you can land on grass airstrips this one http://smileycreeklodge.com/airport/ or https://idahoaviation.com/idahoAirstripDetail.php?id=25 would be a good place to watch from. A warm sleeping bag is all you would need, it has been getting down in the thirties at night.


5-Aug-2017, 00:50
Thanks everybody!

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