View Full Version : What is it? G. Leitmeyr Sytar 210mm F=4.5

Kyle M.
1-Aug-2017, 14:40
Hello all. A little over a year ago I purchesed a Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic along with this lens from a fellow LFF member who's name escapes me at the moment. I've always been curious about it but I've never got around to researching it. It is a G. Leitmeyr Sytar 210mm F=4.5 barrel lens. The markings around the front element are "G. Leitmeyr Munchen No. 3580 Doppel Anastigmat Sytar 1:4.5 F-210mm" The easy stuff I've figured out of course 210mm, F4.5, Double Anastigmat. What I don't know is this lenses origins. Who is G. Leitmeyr? Was he a manufacturer? A wholesaler who had his name on products? Or something else? It has 15 aperture blades, and markings of 4.5, 6.3, 8, 11, 16, and 23. I've shot with it a fair bit on the Speed Graphic and it is quite sharp and contrasty even wide open. I've had it apart to clean it and it seems to be 4 elements in 2 groups. I'm not sure what this design would be known as.

I also don't really know anything about lens design but I would describe it as a front element that is convex on both sides the sides not being symmetrical, the middle two elements are concave on both sides and I cannot really tell if they are symmetrical side to side but I don't believe they are. The rear element is convex on both sides and is definately not symmetrical side to side. The middle two elements are attached to threaded rings that hold the front and rear element in. Both groups are individually removable from the barrel, and can then be unscrewed to remove the front and rear elements. Has anyone ever seen one of these? Is it rare or valuable? Or is is just another off brand vintage lens?

1-Aug-2017, 18:33
Leitmyer was small lens manufacturer. Do some searches for Eurynar, which is a similar but more common lens from a different maker.

Steven Tribe
2-Aug-2017, 01:11
There was an explosion of folding camera production from the start of the 20th century and the needs of just a single maker could be enough for the basis of lens production by new entrants. These concentrated on the 9x12 - 13x18cm sizes, so yours would have been on a 13x18 folding camera. They didn't do much in the way of new designs, but adopted the Dagor, Gauss and other designs. Leitmeyr were quite big. Some camera makers just engraved their own names and tradenames on lens bought in from these smaller manufactorers.

Kyle M.
4-Aug-2017, 09:15
Thank you. I kind of figured it was something along the lines of an uncommon but not rare or valuable lens. I was able to find a bit of information on G. Leitmeyr as a company but very little. It definately seems to be quite a good lens though at least for B&W and it goes well with my Pre-Anniverasary Speed Graphic.