View Full Version : Zeiss issue Goerz-Dagor

Sven Schroder
7-Jul-2005, 08:00
Just couple of Questions
Having jumped at the chance to obtain a 12.5cm F9 carl ziess jena Goerz- Dagor at a low price
I now find myself Twice as happy, the lens is in its factory compur; which the seller thought was sticking (hence low price) but with a couple of firings returned to its consitant and familiar sounding self. So I'm Happy a mint example including its inscribed leather cap.

1. coverage 100 degrees but how does it cover at say f16 or f22 ?I want to avoid diffraction.

2. said to be common here in the UK in this size as it was sold for 1.1(whole 6x8) plate but whats the coverage/image circle in mm?

3. contrast looks to sizzle on the GG but what about colour? not to match a coated lens but a subtle difference any experiences

4. Value NO Iam not intending to sell it! if its perfomance matchs it reputation it will have to be prized out of my cold dead hands. Its just curiosty I paid under a 100 so don't tell me less than that ; )
So Thanks in advance.

Richard Schlesinger
7-Jul-2005, 10:28
These are marvelous lenses. I paid much more for one some years ago. Wish I still had it. You are indeed fortunate! Treasure and enjoy it!

Sven Schroder
8-Jul-2005, 12:19
Thanks richard

I'll treasure and enjoy using it this weekend, but I'd treasure any time can be in the pursuit of images no matter what equipment, as long as I'm doing that, I'll have a smile from ear to ear.

So thanks again Sven

Still looking for more info on the lens such as coverage perhaps it may cover 4x10?Any info at all please.

oh and I guess have stopped gloating Now. What a bargin!!!