View Full Version : info about 1960 Linhof Kardan Triplex 8x10 camera

30-Jul-2017, 09:42
ok,my "rail question" was cleared in the thread before,but i would have some other questions..
first of all the camera in question is the 1960 Kardan shown here: http://linhof.com/en/historische-kameras/
would like to ask someone who used it about the movements it has,how they work.both stands stand on a ball on the rail..are they used for swing?on the picture i see some front tilt using the "ball",was wondering on the swing,is it used just with the "balls"?also,how are this "balls" moving on the rail?i see knobs to tighten them,but not to move them on the rail..could someone tell me some info on this camera?what is the widest lens you can use on it,also weight,and any experiences with the camera,used indoors-outdoors,whatewer.
since i cant find nothing online about this camera,just the picture i showed here,i would appreciate some help-info on how things work.
if someone would have one and would be so kind to make a small video how this all works,it would help more than 100000words.
but i would deeply appreciate some words on it too,even 10:)
Thanks a Lot in advance!

30-Jul-2017, 20:25
maybe this will help...

30-Jul-2017, 22:14
maybe this will help...

Thanks for the answer Dustyman!checked it several times before my post here,its the only site online where i could find some info on the camera;),red it through,but sadly yours is a 1959 one,"from the tail end of the first run"as you sad,and mine is a 1960 one..different models.just look at the knobs on the Linhof site i posted,and you see the balls that both stands stand on the rail?
mine has the "balls"(sorry i dont know how you call it)that the stands stand on the rails,yours works-looks bit more similar to the Kardan Color 45s than mine
im triing to understand the "balls"here,their movements,and how they move to focus the camera.
but Thanks anyway!good info on the camera from 59!(what i red again,nice camera;) )

would there be someone who used the model i posted in the first post,and could help me solve this mystery on the balls?their movement and how they move to focus..
Thanks a Lot!