View Full Version : Tripod Head to fit a Calumet 8x10 C-1

Scott Davis
6-Jul-2005, 14:15
I've been trying to find a good tripod head for my Calumet C-1 now for some time. I've got one of the magnesium Green Monster beasts. I have a Bogen 3039 head with the quick-release, and while that holds it ok most of the time, the camera has a rather unpleasant ability to torque around on the quick release plate when you need it to move least (like when you've already set your composition and focus, and you are inserting your film holder). I tried an older large platform Gitzo head (an R #2), and that was more wogglety (nice technical term there) than the 3039. Same with a Gitzo 1377 ball head. Is there something out there (aside from a $600 Arca-Swiss ballhead) that will do well with this camera?

Herb Cunningham
6-Jul-2005, 15:55
Scott, I have a bogen 3047 head that will hold a toyo G 8x10 fully extended with a heavy lens on it. It is one of those I think is probably overkill, but strong enough for anything. You might look into getting the Arca style clamp for your Green monster. I have good luck with them, but I use the Toyo clamp on the G, so I can't really say that it will do for the Calumet.
for lighter 8x10 's I use the arca B1 with their clamp.

Robert A. Zeichner
6-Jul-2005, 16:28
For this camera, I found the Majestic gear head to be the ticket. Lots of these on the used market, I beleive. I've seen them for $100 in good shape.

Brian Ellis
6-Jul-2005, 16:45
I've owned the Bogen 3039, the 3047, the 410, and the 3057 as well as other heads by Arca Swiss and Gitzo. The only one I'd trust on a camera as heavy as yours is the Bogen 3057. I've used it with my 8x10 Deardorffs and presently use it with a Kodak 2D. It's a massive, heavy (4.5 pound) head with a 4" square quick release plate and I think it would work fine with your camera. There may be better heads out there for a heavy 8x10 camera, I haven't tried them all (it just seems that way sometimes), but of the ones I've owned it's been the best for 8x10.

John Hoenstine
6-Jul-2005, 19:38
I had a Calumet Green Monster and the only head that worked was a Ries A250 Double Tilt Head.
I know it is expensive but it does work and if you keep it the cost isn't that bad.



Jon Shiu
6-Jul-2005, 23:28
Just a note on the base of the C1: the central mount surface next to the screw is very small, less than 2cm wide. So, to be stable, a mounting plate needs to reach the outer support surfaces. A mounting plate should be approx. 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep, or bigger. Hope this helps.

David Van Gosen
7-Jul-2005, 16:44
Here's another vote for a Majestic geared head. Mine came with a nice large plate so you an attach the C1 at multiple locations.

Jim Galli
7-Jul-2005, 17:57
Can't remember where I got it but I have a big Davis and Sanford spring action tripod that has the nicest tabletop for a big camera I've seen. It's about 6 inches wide and 7 inches long of aluminum. It's the tripod of choice if I think I'm going to do verticals with the 7X17.