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27-Jul-2017, 12:11
I am considering a trip to Pismo Beach with the wife, and I would like to photograph Oceano Dunes.
I have looked on Google Earth and I don't see where one would park for the day.
I see campgrounds, but I am not camping.

I also might want to visit Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes

Is there a safe and secure place to park at Oceano Dunes?

I appreciate any information that is provided, even if it is a silly comment.



Leszek Vogt
27-Jul-2017, 16:13
If I recall correctly, last time I was there I parked on York, Ave....tho it may have been on Juniata Ave stretch. Just go on Strand Way and see which one of the streets (E/W) you'll be able to park.


Jim Fitzgerald
27-Jul-2017, 16:38
I can't remember the dates for Guadalupe dunes but they close it off for the snowy prowler migration. I believe the dunes are closed now so check there website for the dates.

27-Jul-2017, 20:22
It's been quite a few years since I was there, but I was able to drive down the beach and park right on the beach. A 4WD would be useful, though maybe not necessary.


Bill Burk
29-Jul-2017, 09:34
Jim Fitzgerald gave me the scoop on Guadalupe Dunes a while back. The parking lot is "fine" if you get there as soon as gates open but you are competing with local fishermen who fill the lot immediately. Rangers are very friendly and helpful so spend some time with them just to learn which boundaries are open. As the fences are up to protect Snowy Plovers, when I went (like the weekend of Super Bowl as is my routine), I was encouraged to know that the important limits are for archeological areas... and the Plover habitat was open at the time.

3-Aug-2017, 13:32
Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions.


4-Aug-2017, 09:19
at Guadalupe dunes.. from the parking lot.. walk left and back a bit to get to where they filmed the 10 Commandments

they just burried the sets so sometimes stuff shows up.. I found a paper mache toe once

Jim Fitzgerald
4-Aug-2017, 14:50
I was at Guadalupe dunes several year ago pleading with a security guard at the gate at about 5:45am. They were filming Pirates of the Caribbean III or something and would not let anyone in. I spent some time with the security guy talking and then headed to Montana de Oro instead. I think the migration is over in October or November and you can get on the dunes by foot. Yes, head left out of the parking lot. Head down the beach a mile or so and turn left into the dunes. It is an easier walk. Early morning for sure. In the afternoon the wind can come up. I remember when I was shooting 120 and I had to wrap my camera with a jacket and in a blinding wind storm climb down from one of the tallest dunes and hike about 2 miles back to my car. It was fun!!!

John Berry
4-Nov-2017, 01:40
I know this is old, but someone will make a long drive like I did, to find that the dunes are all back dunes ( grown over )in Oceano. I didn't drive down the beach, but you will for LF if you want to get anything.