View Full Version : Canham 5x7 Tmax 400 order will arrive soon

Roger T
24-Jul-2017, 16:23
Got an e-mail from Keith Canham earlier today stating he expects delivery of his order of 5x7 max 400
from Kodak to be delivered tomorrow.
Roger Thering

Sal Santamaura
25-Jul-2017, 14:37
Within the last hour Keith posted an image on his Facebook page showing those 80 boxes unpacked and stacked up. This order took an exceptional length of time to fulfill. I suspect the reason can be gleaned from that image.

My recent TMY-2 purchases in 4x5 and 8x10 both carried emulsion numbers 122, with expiration dates of 01/2019 and 04/2019. The 5x7 that reached Canham today is emulsion number 123, with an expiration date of 07/2019. Apparently, Kodak cold-stores master rolls, then establishes expiration dates two years beyond each time the master is cut from and sheets finished. The emulsion 122 master roll must have run out and a new master had to be coated. Kodak probably doesn't coat new master rolls of sheet TMY-2 very often.

Roger T
25-Jul-2017, 19:30
Earlier today I received an answer to a query I sent Keith and he replied..."I did fInd out a couple of months ago the film was made but did not meet the standard for quality contol. Something to do with the machine that cuts the film to size. After that the quality control people at Kodak watch the process very closely and as a result this increased the manufacturing time."

John Layton
26-Jul-2017, 18:19
I've got two boxes coming...well worth the wait - and its nice to see that quality control is alive and well!