View Full Version : Looking for information on odd Carl Zeiss lens

22-Jul-2017, 12:46
I've copied a photo and description from the Lens Vade Mecum of a lens that is described as a Zeiss Projection Aplanat f6.7/20cm No1024.

I'd like to know if anyone has run across this lens and whether they've attempted using it as a taking lens. I ask because I've learned about one that is similar, perhaps identical, that is mounted on a large wooden camera. From the description of the camera it sounds like it may be a copy camera, but then I understand that it is mounted on an old wooden studio stand.

Maybe this has all just been cobbled together, or maybe the camera and lens were actually used for studio portraiture. I don't have any more useful information than this.

Any input would be appreciated.



The next non-anastigmat is probably a more prosaic item and is likely to be later. It was possible to see a
"Aplanat fur Projection" f6.7 200mm. This was a Zeiss lens in a brass mount with an iris calibrated in mm
(28-3mm). It must be a rare lens and non-anastigmatic but may not be photographic. It was seen at Nr 1,02x,
DRP 84,996. The Patent No seems later than expected and the lens may be a 1892-5 period item. But it is
unusual as a non-anastigmat Zeiss lens and it is certainly not a normal photographic lens as the correction is
really sharp in the centre but only over a 10-15cm radius, and then falls off markedly. This would be a
reasonable performance for a projection lens but not really acceptable for normal camera work. It also raises
questions over the serial numbering sequence then in use- perhaps the projection lens was numbered in a
different series with a later start date.