View Full Version : is shutter broke?

John Mauser
5-Jul-2005, 17:49
I got an Ilex 215 f6.3 lens with a 4x5 camera that I just bought. When the package arrived I noticed that there is a problen with the shutter. The shutter speed dial will only move between 400 and 250 and will not go to any of the slower speeds. I have fiddled with it for an hour now with no success. Is the shutter broke or is there something I'm missing. Is there an easy fix or should I trash the shutter and get another one? Thanks, John

Ernest Purdum
5-Jul-2005, 19:28
You don't mention what shutter you have, but I don't suppose it would make any difference. I can't think of any shutter where there is anything tricky about setting the slower speeds.

Don't trash the shutter before checking with a repairperson. Shutters are expensive.

John Mauser
5-Jul-2005, 19:50
Yeah after shopping around I see that they're more than I thought. I'll give the local camera repair shop a call and see if I can get a quote. By the way it's just a copal 1 shutter, it has no brand name.

Per Madsen
6-Jul-2005, 03:31
Copal is the brandname. Copal is the shutter making division of Seiko-Epson


They also makes focal-plane shutters for SLR's.

John Mauser
6-Jul-2005, 04:50
Thanks for the info, I've always just taken it that copal was a measurement not a brand name. I've only seen copal shutters then, never any made by someone else.

Bob Salomon
6-Jul-2005, 05:57

Seiko made the Seiko shutter.

Copla is part of the Nidec Copal Corporation. Not Seiko Epson.

Per Madsen
6-Jul-2005, 09:44
Thank you for the information.

John Mauser
6-Jul-2005, 15:05
cool, the guy who sold me the lens and camera is giving me a refund for the lens.