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Steven Nestler
4-Jul-2005, 18:41
I just acquired a 12" Dagor in a shutter. I love the lens, but cannot thread a filter to it; it seems to be almost; but not quite; 58mm. Any suggestions?

4-Jul-2005, 19:38
In their day, Dagors were intended to use slip-on adapters for series filters or gels. Measure the outside diameter of the element, and visit used camera shows in your neighborhood to find one. Good luck.

Keith Fleming
4-Jul-2005, 19:41
S. K. Grimes can make a filter adapter for the Dagor. Mine screws into the lens threads and takes a 67 mm filter. Works great.


Jon Wilson
4-Jul-2005, 20:44
You can also use Tim @ LensN2Shutter.com which is on the West Coast. He is installing a 45cm Dagor red dot inmy copal 3 and will be shortly installing my 240mm & 360mm in front mounts in an alphax shutter. He is very knowledgeable, keeps you updated, and does great work. I am also going to get him to make an adapter so I can use my 67mm filters w/ my 45cm dagor red dot. I definitely recommennd him. JW

4-Jul-2005, 20:46
What's a Dagor red dot?

5-Jul-2005, 03:03
I think Jon must have an artar there, not a dagor.

Steve Hamley
5-Jul-2005, 08:30
FYI, the one I had S.K. grimes make for my 12" Dagor also fits the 19" Artar.


Jon Wilson
5-Jul-2005, 11:59
You are right Robert, I was thinking "Goerz" when it read "Dagor." However, my recommendation does stand...Tim at "lensn2shutter.com" does excellent work.