View Full Version : Favorite wide angle lens for 8x10 field camera landscape photography?

Joseph Kayne
15-Jul-2017, 13:29
Favorite wide Wide angle lens for 8x10 field camera landscape photography?

15-Jul-2017, 14:03
My favorites are the widest ones I own--a 190mm and 240mm. ;)

karl french
15-Jul-2017, 15:12
21cm f6.8 Schneider Angulon. It's just the thing.

15-Jul-2017, 15:41
I cannot say this is a favorite because I have it but have not used it.
Mentioned for our constituents who might know the lens.

Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Ser. III f9.5 8x10 6 1/4” (158.75mm) Focus No.286510

It has been in a storage box in a universal iris mount on a 5.9 x 5.9" Deardorff board.

15-Jul-2017, 16:50
200mm f/6.5 TAYLOR-HOBSON WIDE ANGLE ANASTIGMAT in a modern Copal.
Covers 11x14" with room to spare when stopped down, so I can tilt the front standard pretty much as much as I want to.

15-Jul-2017, 19:09
How do you see WIDE?
I can't see very wide, that is photographically, so I backed off.
As they say YMMV. My favorite probly would not be yours

15-Jul-2017, 19:10
6 1/2" WA Dagor!

Jim Noel
16-Jul-2017, 09:57
A second vote for my Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Ser. III f9.5 8x10 6 1/4” Focus . I have two, one of which I front mounted on an old Betax shutter.

Joseph Kayne
16-Jul-2017, 14:03
My favorites are the widest ones I own--a 190mm and 240mm. ;)

ALAN, who makes them and what is the maximum opening f stop?

16-Jul-2017, 15:22
The widest I have used consisently with success is a 210mm Graphic Raptor (barrel). Nice light little thing.

If I do not mind dark soft corners, my Wollie 6 1/4"/12.5 works well enough.

First is with the 210mm, the second with the 6 1/4". Platinum prints.

James Morris
16-Jul-2017, 17:43
Karl, have you compared this with the 210mm G-Claron? I have the latter and it's a great lens, although a bit slow at f/9.

karl french
16-Jul-2017, 18:26
I started with the 210 G-Claron, but eventually switched to the 21cm Angulon. It throws a bigger circle and I just like the way it renders tones. I've had the 210 Computar, 210 Apo Sironar W, 8 1/4 Dagor and still have the 203mm Cooke Series VIIB. The Cooke is nice, but it will flare badly if you're not careful. That and it's quite hard to find them. I tend to think of it more as a ULF lens (10x12 & 7x17.)

The 165-158mm lenses are really wide on 8x10. For general use the 210mm range is perfect as a gentle wide for 8x10. I do have a 6.5" Wide Angle Dagor, but it only sees occasional use.

16-Jul-2017, 18:32
120mm f/8 Nikkor Super Wide. The copy I have does 8x10 without any problems. The light falloff on the edges is generally balanced out by the areas I am photographing. As long as I stay centered I can swing and tilt without running out of coverage.

AJ Edmondson
18-Jul-2017, 15:28
My favorite was always the 210 Angulon. Image circle and tonality were the deciding factors and I was fortunate enough to have acquired one of the last ones made while I was stationed along the East German border at Fulda. For interiors I was always very satisfied with a 165 Angulon from the same era. For my taste I found the 165 superior to the 165 Super Angulon but others may disagree. The later Angulons were really great for their tonality.

18-Jul-2017, 15:50
+1 on the Nikon NIKKOR-SW 120mm f8 lens, although I have only shot it at f32.

I also use a Schneider SUPER-SYMMAR XL 150mm f5.6 lens. Very sweet but pricey compared to the Nikon.


Mark Sampson
18-Jul-2017, 16:49
When I had an 8x10 I really liked my 10"/6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektar. It was my favorite focal length on the format. Most people posting in this thread prefer a shorter focal length, but that's what worked for me. At Kodak, as needed, I occasionally used a Schneider 165/8 Super-Angulon. That's a very sharp lens, but I never used it for personal work. It was pretty darned wide!

James Morris
18-Jul-2017, 21:04
How much coverage did the 165 Angulon give? I understand it to be soft in the corners for 8x10.

John Kasaian
18-Jul-2017, 21:52
My 240mm G Claron and 250mm/10" Commercial Ektar see a lot of use.

19-Jul-2017, 09:40
120mm Nikkor and 210mm Graphic Kowa. And if cropping to a 6x10 is okay, the Schneider 90mm XL.

But - depends on the user and location as has already been discussed :).

19-Jul-2017, 11:48
I use three Fujinon 80 degree lenses for a wide field of view on 8x10 film. 210mm 5.6, 180mm 5.6 and 125mm 5.6. The 210 covers with movements, the 180 just covers, and the 125 requires a little crop when enlarging.

19-Jul-2017, 12:13
My old Berthiot Perigraphe f14 150mm SerVIa, 112, made for 24x30cm
A killer for landscape in 8x10

Jim Andrada
19-Jul-2017, 17:06
159mm Wolly.

19-Jul-2017, 22:39
159mm Wolly.

Alas, my copy (f/12.5) is a piece of crap. Won't even do a decent job on 5x7 (unless sharpness is not desired).

Daniel Unkefer
22-Jul-2017, 15:32
My 8x10" Sinar Norma with 165mm F8 Schneider Super Angulon. With Norma Shutter, completely automatic operation.

https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4176/34521427212_c1b3c65964_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/UAxkAU)DSC05763 (https://flic.kr/p/UAxkAU) by Nokton48 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/18134483@N04/), on Flickr