View Full Version : Front panel or back panel focussing

26-Sep-1999, 18:21
Does anyone know the merits of front panel focussing compared to old cameras wit h back panel focussing? Are there any inherent disadvantages to back panel focus sing apart from conveniance in design? Thanx in advance.

26-Sep-1999, 21:43
greater change in image size

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
27-Sep-1999, 12:39
What ol cameras are you talking about? The Deardorff has been a front and rear focus model since 1923. The Kodak 2D and Anscos can focus on either end also.

When you focus with the front you obviously change the relationship between the lens and the subject. If you're shooting macro or trying for a specific compositional relationship between fore and background, then they will be affected by moving the lens. The size of the object on the g.g. increases as you get the lens closer to it.

By focusing with the rear you retain the size and composition relationships established at the start and you can also balance the camera on the stand or tripod a bit better.