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Aender Brepsom
4-Jul-2005, 14:05

what would happen if you tried to use a Schneider Digitar 5,6/47 mm on a 6x9 cm field camera with a normal rollfilm back? What would the results be like?
Maybe it is complete nonsense, as the lens is called Digitar, but there are numerous lenses in 35 mm that can be used both for film and for digital. Does this apply to the Digitar too?

Thank you for your help!

Dan Fromm
4-Jul-2005, 14:36
Aender, if you will try to answer questions for yourself by going to www.schneideroptics.com and clicking on the obvious links, you'll find that Schneider claims the 47/5.6 Digitar covers 80 mm.

If you will try to answer questions for yourself by measuring your 6x9 roll holder's gate's diagonal, you will find it is approximately 100 mm.

I leave it for you to draw your own conclusions.

On the whole, a 47/5.6 Super Angulon would do better for you if you want to shoot a 47 on 6x9. Mine works very well.

Trojan Horse
4-Jul-2005, 15:50
Are you sure the 47mm f5.6 Super Angulon can only ever cover 6x9cm?

I read it's image circle was 166mm. Can it not just about cover 5x4" with no movements, or possible with front standard tilted backwards a few degrees using a recessed board?

Maybe that's wishful thinking...

Armin Seeholzer
4-Jul-2005, 18:00
Hi Trojan

You are only right if you are taking about the Super Angulon XL 47 mm not the normal Super Angulon like Dan. And yes with the XL I have a small shift possibility of about 6-7mm and it is a wonderfull lens anyway!

george jiri loun
5-Jul-2005, 01:32
The 47 mm Digitar has image circle 113 mm (the 80 mm given on the Schneider site is a typo - go to their pdf digital brochure and you find the correct value). Optically the digitars are better even for film photography than their "normal" equivalents, except for the inferior image circle. I once wanted to construct a 6x9 camera with a digitar and a Schneider technician confirmed my thought about it.

Dan Fromm
5-Jul-2005, 04:59
Thanks for the correction, George.

Aender Brepsom
5-Jul-2005, 05:11
After what George has revealed, it would be perfectly possible to use the Digitar 47 mm on a 6x9 camera, but with hardly any movement. That might not be too much of a restriction for landscape photography.

Thank you very much for your help, George!

george jiri loun
5-Jul-2005, 13:38
You're welcome!

Trojan Horse
5-Jul-2005, 13:48
Thanks Armin -

another ebay bid almost gone wrong ;)

JC Launey
6-Jul-2005, 01:43
Extrait catalogue schneider digital de 2004

. . . . . Some of these lenses actually have a larger image circle than specified on page 13. Because the quality decreases towards the edge – as it does with all lenses – full exploitation of the maximum range means that within those corners most distant from the optical axis reduced sharpness would limit the quality of the lens regardless of the resolution capacity of the sensor. Therefore we have specified smaller image circle diameters and angles of view as well as corresponding lens displacement values in the table which will guarantee the proverbial SCHNEIDER quality you expect. But it is good to know that should the background be beyond the depth of field anyway or should the concerning image corners be lacking in finely structured details as it is the case with blue skies, clouds, or homogeneous background carton, there is some more additional free room left for even larger parallel displacement (perspectice control) and for tilt and swing (depth of field control according to Scheimpflug’s rule).

Les cercles images en mm :

Dans ce catalogue de 2004 :

Pour le apo digitar 5,6/47 XL

page 13 : 98 mm à f/5,6 et 113 mm à f/11

Dans une documentation de 4 pages de 2001 est donné pour le 5,6/47 ( sans préciser apo ou XL) :

60 mm pour le 24x36 et 30x30

80 mm pour le 44x44 et 60x60

les deux cercles images doivent correspondent à des exigences de qualité différentes plus grandes en 24x36 que en 6x6.

Pas le même objectif en 2001 et en 2004 ?

george jiri loun
6-Jul-2005, 10:10
No, JC, they are surely not different lenses. I think it could have a logical reason - 60 mm for 24x36 and 30x30, 80 mm for 44x44 and 60x60 and 113 mm for 60x90. ??

Lars Åke Vinberg
7-Jul-2005, 15:31
The thing is, Schneider has been EXTREMELY conservative in specifying the image circle for the Digitar's.

My 5.6/120 Apo-Digitar is now specified as covering 125 mm - I use it for 6x17 cm all the time.

This does not mean that the 47 Digitar will illuminate beyond the 80 mm stated image circle, but it is possible. So unlike some posters above, I find the question quite legitimate.