View Full Version : Using the Linhof MultiFocus finder

Roger Richards
4-Jul-2005, 14:04
Hi Everyone, I recently bought a used Linhof MultiFocus finder, the current version, for use as a visualizing tool in the field. This is the version that zooms and the lens focal length and focusing distances are color coded. I am guessing that one first selects a lens focal length and then sets the subject to camera distance on the scale to see how it will look through the camera. Is this the procedure, or is there a distance setting that works universally? Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

David A. Goldfarb
4-Jul-2005, 15:04
You've got it--set focal length, then the subject distance.

Robin Coutts
5-Jul-2005, 05:08
I usually use mine off the camera- I keep it in my pocket. This meants that the focal length setting is the only one you need. The subject distance ring just alters the angle between the lens and shoe to allow for parallax.

Roger Richards
5-Jul-2005, 06:19
David and Robin, thanks for your replies. I wondered about the distance setting with regards to parallax. As I will also be using the finder off-camera, is there a distance setting that works? Thanks.

Ole Tjugen
5-Jul-2005, 06:43
The distance setting is not only for parallax. It also zooms, mimicking the reduced angle of view with increased extension.

Choose focal length, set distance. Also when using off camera (as I do too).

Roger Richards
5-Jul-2005, 10:42
Thanks, Ole, that seems right to me.