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3-Jul-2005, 18:48

Thanks to everyone for there answers.

I am looking to possibly purchase this wide angle lens -
TOMINON 75mm 1:4.5 in Copal shutter. It was
intended for use on Polaroid professional view cameras.
I have this information on it -
'These lenses are specifically designed for macro on a 4x5 Polaroid copy camera. They do cover 4x5, but only within their intended magnification ranges.'
Can anyone explain this to me? Can I use this with a Sinar f1 for Landscape photography?
And will it be essential for me to have a centre filter when shooting this wide?
Thanks again - Phil

Dan Fromm
3-Jul-2005, 19:23
It is not a wide angle lens. It is a macro lens. It covers 4x5 at magnifications of 2:1 and higher. At infinity it will not even cover 2x3. The one I've shot on 2x3 at distance illuminated 2x3, but image quality was poor in the center, worse in the corners.

If you want fuzzy round little images of distant subjects on 4x5 film, get it and be happy. Center filter? You much be joking.

There's no alternative to spending money if you want a 75 mm lens for 4x5.



3-Jul-2005, 23:47
The distance between the lens and the film are greater when focused on close objects (macro) than on far objects (landscape). The greater lens-film distance at macro ranges allows the image circle of the lens to be large enough to cover 4x5, but not at infinity (landscape). Beyond that, reading some good books should give you complete answers including what normal, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses are. Don't get me wrong. It's just too much to be described here.

The description given means that “you can NOT use the lens for landscape photography.” “Polaroid professional copy cameras” are not “view cameras.” These item descriptions are intended to confuse buyers not familiar with the items. Don’t buy it for your purpose. You have to pay 15 times (or more) the starting bid to get what you need.

4-Jul-2005, 05:11
Is the Tominon 75 any good (ie sharp) when used as a macro lens on 5x4? This thread has reminded me that I own one and now I would like to try it out. I will be using a Horseman FA. Subjects would be natural history in the field.

Dan Fromm
4-Jul-2005, 06:37
ADG, the 75/4.5 Tominons I've had were all very usable, but I'm not sure you should want to work at 2:1 or higher in field conditions. If you do, go ahead and try yours out.

My experience with shooting small static subjects in the field has been that the higher the magnification, the greater the difficulties and frustration. Moving subjects are hard with an SLR, impossible with a field/view camera.

If you have a 55/2.8 MicroNikkor, which will just barely cover 4x5 at 2:1, rig up adapters for mounting it reversed in front of a shutter. It is a much sharper lens used that way at f/4 than the 75/4.5 Tominon. According to Brian Caldwell the 55/2.8 is diffraction limited by f/4. Mine beat all of my 75 Tominons wide open, beat them worse at f/4.

I've had all of the MP-4 Tominons but the 105, have sold off all but the best 35/4.5 and the 17/4. I have a perfectly fine 40/4.5 Luminar, am not sure why still have a 35/4.5 Tominon. Its a good lens, but not as good as the Luminar.

If you don't have Lester Lefkowitz' book The Manual Of Closeup Photography, buy a copy. It is a good guide to working above 1:1, will save you more in wasted film than its costs.

Good luck, have fun,