View Full Version : Rollo Pyro development problem

Sirius Glass
3-Jul-2017, 12:06
I have only used this method twice and both times it failed. The negatives were blank and there were no edge markings. 4"x5" sheets Ilford HP5+ processed in the Jobo Expert Drum

I was taught this method by Per Volquartz and used development until exhausted. It is not sensitive temperature and film type which are advantages.

Sodium Metaborate 1.5g per liter. For presoak and then half is mixed with Solution A
Solution A 15ml per liter
Solution B 30ml per liter

5 minutes Sodium Metaborate pour off and save half for later
5 minutes Solution A pour off and save half and mix with Sodium Metaborate
6 to 7.5 minutes Solution B then dump
Two 30 second washes
5 minutes TF-4 pour off and save
Two 30 second washes
2 minutes Solution A and Sodium Metaborate
Ten 2 minute washes
Rinse and PhotoFlo and hang

I have tried this with 210ml and 600ml. Does it require 1 liter?

John Cooley
7-Jul-2017, 16:56
I don't know the specific answer to your question . . . but I use rollo pyro, and I always use 1000 ml in a Jobo expert drum. I sent you a private message with my developing workflow.