View Full Version : 240 G Claron filter sizes?

John Kasaian
1-Jul-2017, 20:03
From what I've gleaned off the internet G Clarons came in two sizes---older 46mm and the newer 52mm, so can I assume that the older Dagor-ish type G Clarons are the 46mm and the newer version the 52mm?
I have an older G Claron and my 52mm filters are way too large, which is why I ask.
More importantly, who makes 46mm filters?
I went over to Freestyle's website and they list the smallest Tiffen size as being 49mm, which is still quite a bit smaller than the 52, so can I believe the internet about older G Clarons being 46mm?

Lachlan 717
2-Jul-2017, 00:13
Mine's a late model and is 52mm.

I bung a 52-77mm step up on it to standardise the filter.

Steve Goldstein
2-Jul-2017, 02:43
According to Schneider's literature the older Dagor-type 240 accepts 46mm filters and the newer Plasmat-derived 240 uses 52mm.

If you want to buy new, B&H shows 46mm filters offers by B+W, Hoya, Heliopan, Tiffen, and Leica. Or just standardize on a larger size and use step-up rings as Lachlan mentioned.

John Kasaian
2-Jul-2017, 07:26
Thanks! A step up ring sounds like a winner

2-Jul-2017, 09:30
Step-up rings are a life/money safer for me. My lens threads run from 40.5 to 77mm. I have step up rings to 77mm on all of them (except the lenses that have 77mm threads). That way I only have to carry one size of filters -- saves money, weight, etc.

BUT, I have UV filters on all of my lenses (99% of the time) for UV and protective purposes. These are all multi-coated Hoya filters, and ALMOST always the size of the lens thread -- just to save some money.

Step-up rings of every imagineable size(s), singley or in groups/sets, are readily available on EBAY at amazing prices.

Philippe Grunchec
2-Jul-2017, 10:05
Mine is also 52mm plus Heliopan 52/67 step-up ring.

@ Lachlan: BTW, does it cover 7x17?

Lachlan 717
2-Jul-2017, 17:02
@ Lachlan: BTW, does it cover 7x17?

Not even close. Sorry.

However, my Graphic Kowa 240mm does with ease.

Philippe Grunchec
3-Jul-2017, 15:17