View Full Version : color negative or transparancy

brian steinberger
1-Jul-2005, 22:58
The last thread that I could find was from 2000. So I'm gonna re-ask. Color negative film or transparancy, and why?

steve simmons
1-Jul-2005, 23:23
For what purpose?

steve simmons

Bruce Watson
2-Jul-2005, 08:02

Try this thread.

Ed Richards
2-Jul-2005, 09:30
Having just got back my first 4x5 color negatives in 15 years, I have two comments. The dyamic range and color is terrific. Second, I wish I had shot a gray card along with the images. I even keep one in the bag for metering and for color reference with my digital camera. Had I done that, it would have taken me 2 seconds to get the color balance perfect.:-)

2-Jul-2005, 14:01
Negative. Why not get the extra range?

Jerry Fusselman
2-Jul-2005, 21:04
Negative film has a wider dynamic range, but that does not constitute more information. It is different information. If your scene does not require the dynamic range of negative film, you generally can record more information using reversal film.

However, when I need to shoot at 800 ISO, I always use negative film, because the current 800 ISO reversal film choices, for some reason I do not understand, are poor by comparison.