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Ed Richards
1-Jul-2005, 20:51
I use a Technika for 4x5 and have purchased lenses that will also cover 5x7. Is there a 5x7 camera that takes the Technika board? Preferably a cheap one.:-)

Oren Grad
1-Jul-2005, 21:12
The current model Nagaoka 5x7 takes Technika boards, but so far as I know it's not imported to the US.

Some, but not all, older model Nagaoka and Ikeda 5x7 cameras take Technika boards. These aren't too common, but can sometimes be had for under $1000 when they do turn up.

Keith Canham can supply either of his 5x7 cameras with the front standard adapted to accept Technika boards.

Peter Gowland can probably supply a new 5x7 camera adapted to accept Technika boards.

The Lotus 5x7 can be purchased with a front standard that accepts Technika boards.

Ebony 5x7s take Sinar boards but are supplied with a Technika adapter included.

The Walker Titan XL Wide 5x7 accepts Technika boards. The Gandolfi Variant 5x7 may also - I'm not sure.

Another option is to have an adapter lensboard made, for example by SK Grimes. Essentially any large monorail camera either has Technika adapter boards readily available (e.g. Sinar/Horseman) or can have them easily made, although I imagine this isn't what you have in mind. Most antique wooden 5x7s can probably have adapter boards easily made as well.

You can find back expanders for Wista 4x5 wooden and metal field cameras and I believe for the Tachihara 4x5 as well, but this can be awkward and places some limits on movements.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head...

1-Jul-2005, 21:38
Hello Ed,
I use a bunch a lensboards like yours on all my cameras from 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10. All I do is make an adapter to fit whichever camera I want to use. This way all my lenses are mounted once. I use to change lens boards all the time and it gets old very quickly!
I use wood, brass screws and a couple of slides from old graphic cameras and some of the B&J lensboards have slides too. Give it a go then instead of finding a camera for your lensboards you can find one that you really like and want to use.
Hope this helps,

2-Jul-2005, 04:58
The Shen Hao comes with an adapter for the 99mmx96mm boards. I think that's the right size. When I bought my Ansco 8x10 it also came with an adapter. The one on the Ansco is pretty basic but works just fine. I don't think it would too hard to make a simple adapter.

Ed Richards
2-Jul-2005, 05:19
Thanks for all the good suggestions!

Emmanuel BIGLER
4-Jul-2005, 04:44
S.K. Grimes offer a very nice Technika-96x99-to-anything adapting board.
Basically it is a strong plastic-molded part that fits the 96x99 Lihnof Technika board extremely precisely and smoothly, making the fit perfectly quick, strong and light-tight. This front part is intended to be screwed to any lensboard you may imagine... provided it is slightly bigger than 100x100 mm in size ; so in fact almost all view camera boards... excepting the Linhof 96X99 mm and smaller Linhof 6x9 board ;-);-)