View Full Version : Tioga Pass Open!

28-Jun-2017, 10:10
Opened this morning for bicycles and is scheduled to open tomorrow for cars: https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/tioga.htm


Drew Wiley
1-Jul-2017, 20:08
Looks like they're not even planning to close Mammoth for skiing anytime soon. I've got a long off-trail trek coming up in Sept. Has anyone tried those new telescoping hybrid walking-pole/ice-axes?

1-Jul-2017, 21:22
I'm not familiar with those but climbing down to the trail from Bullfrog lake I passed a PCT thru hiker on the way to resupply at Independence that had a small ice axe that he carried in his hat, IIRC. That axe was so neat - just the right size for a thru-hiker on the PCT.


Robert Oliver
2-Jul-2017, 19:01
I was up there on Thursday and Friday... Ellery Lake and a couple of ponds just west of the East gate had some nice ice formations. It was cool to see Tenaya flowing over it's banks like that.

John Kasaian
3-Jul-2017, 10:11
I wish I was there!

Drew Wiley
3-Jul-2017, 12:32
One needs a long-shaft axe to glissade down long strtches of snow. Handling high passes that way can be far safer than hopping loose talks for hours on end; but ya gotta have "brakes". I could always take my serious axe, but prefer to keep weight minimal.

3-Jul-2017, 19:04
just back, it was beautiful up there, water, water everywhere; lots of people enjoying the sights...