Darin Cozine
1-Jul-2005, 10:31
I just received a 15" f5.6 Wollensak Telephoto Raptar. The Yellow-dot version. What a beast it is. I paid only $35, being advertised as an enlarging lens. (whoever heard of a telephoto enlarging lens??)
So now I have a few questions:

1. It definately wont fit in my alphax shutter. Is there any shutter it will fit into or am I stuck with a speed graphic.

2. Does anyone use this lens? What are your thoughts on it? Also, I'd like to hear others experience with using mamoth hunks of glass!

3. Anyone have any experience with making their own shutters for big barrel lenses?

4. Is the yellow-dot version any different from a wc(wollensak-coated) version?

Thanks for any help!

Donald Brewster
1-Jul-2005, 10:50
I think lens originally made for a Graflex D. Supposedly fits directly in an Alphax #4. Lots of lore on the Yellow Dot, but no straight answer -- allegedly just means it is coated, but who knows.

Kevin Crisp
1-Jul-2005, 11:04
I have one of these, in a huge Alphax shutter, purchased in response to some excellent advice I got in response to a question on this forum. (The question was something like what isn't as huge as a 14" Ektar in this focal length?) It was inexpensive. It it sharp and contrasty and bright at f:5.6. I have used it entirely on 5X7 and it has room for movements and is sharp to the corners. Using less bellows draw it is very handy in the wind for long shots. If you want me to measure the threads front and back on mine so you will know if finding the right Alphax is all you need to do, let me know. I'd be happy to.

John Kasaian
1-Jul-2005, 11:41
I've got one on a Keystone F-8 aerial camera---a wonderful lens it will certainly cover 5x7. You can probably find more info on the www.graflex.org site.

Ernest Purdum
1-Jul-2005, 14:54
Graflex listed it as being available in a #4 Alphax. If you want to try one before buying to see if it is a direct fit or not, I think I have one I would be glad to lend for the purpose. I know I have a $4 Betax, which has, I believe, the same mounting threads.

Let me know if you want me to go looking.