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24-Jun-2017, 17:41
Hi folks,

It is my first time here. :o

I've just bought a Cooke Series XV Triple Convertible and it came with shutter only. This is the first time I make contact with this lens and looking some photos of it on internet, at its original condition (without shutter), it came with "iris barrel" , or sort of it, that connect both optical group and hold the iris. Does anyone have it here and do not use? Or know someone who has or may have it? I would like to buy it because I will not use the lens with the shutter.

Best regards.

24-Jun-2017, 17:48
I thought some camera/lens technician may have it as well. Here in Brazil I didn't find it. If someone could indicate one that may have it (any part of the world) I would appreciate.


Tim Meisburger
24-Jun-2017, 18:06
I think your best chance Pedro is to find someone who has it is barrel, and wants to have it in shutter. Then you can just trade! Can yo show a picture of what you have?

Dan Fromm
24-Jun-2017, 19:00
OP, you can use a lens in shutter without using the shutter to time exposures. Think of the shutter as a barrel with a device that gives timed exposures and has a diaphragm.

Also think of the venerable Speed Graphic and other such cameras that have behind-the-lens shutters. Putting a lens in shutter on a Graphic doesn't disable the camera's focal plane shutter.

With all this in mind, if you still have a problem what might it be?

I mean, the new ones are delivered in shutter. See https://www.cookeoptics.com/cooke.nsf/secondary/xva.

25-Jun-2017, 14:13
Great Tim! I would trade the shutter for the original iris barrel.

Hi Dan, the problem to me is that I have a case already but the shutter fits a little tight. Without it would be perfect! And I would like to keep the lens with all original parts as well. According to the link, the new ones are delivered with or without a shutter, as the buyer wish. The page does not say if you buy without a shutter how it comes.

The shutter works fine, T, B and all times. If someone would like to trade or have some doubt, make contact: pedroled@gmail.com
Pictures of the shutter: