View Full Version : Phenidone for Metol, especially with WD2H+

Eric Woodbury
24-Jun-2017, 15:10
I read that phenidone may be substituted (at 1/10th) for metol. I'm especially curious about this for WD2H+? What differences might I expect from this substitution?

Thank you all.

LF'ers are the best. -EW-

24-Jun-2017, 16:01
Quick Answer:

Eric, in that Formula (WD2H+)...
I really doubt, that you would notice any difference. It is already quite 'High Contrast'.
You 'might' get a very small increase in Film Speed... But, I honestly think, that that is about it.
*However, you might want to research the 'Superadditivity' of Phenidone/Pyrogallol Developers (M. Levy).

Thank-you! -Tim.