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Ron Marshall
30-Jun-2005, 12:45
I am currently using fp4+, but for windy days I need a 400 speed film.

I am considering hp5+, Delta 400, TMY.

Would those having experience with these films please tell me how they compare in terms of grain, tonality and acuity.

David A. Goldfarb
30-Jun-2005, 12:51
Of those three, I like Delta 400 the best, especially rated at 200 in Perceptol for very smooth gradation, solid blacks, and delicate highlights, but unfortunately it's not available in sheet sizes.

John Kasaian
30-Jun-2005, 13:04
I like T-Max 400 in TMAX RS, but thats probably because when fast film is warranted, I'm usually dealing with reciprocity factors (I don't have any experience with Delta, however!) HP-5+ is a nice fast film to with and if Freestyle has any Arista Pro 400 left you can get it for a pretty nice price, too. If Kodak gives TMY is boot, I'll switch to HP-5+

Eric Leppanen
30-Jun-2005, 13:37
Here is one lab's set of opinions: www.dr5.com/largefilm.html (http://www.dr5.com/largefilm.html)

My local custom B&W lab (which does all my processing and printing) advised me to use HP5+ (with Tri-X a close second) as the high-speed film of choice for my 8x10 landscape work. They felt that TMY or FP4+ was less suitable for my application (at least for traditional processing and printing).

30-Jun-2005, 13:49
I've seen that dr5 site before, but they seem to be talking about their own proprietary reversal process, so I don't know how well their comments about tonality and shadow detail translate to normal negative and print production.

Varakan Ten Tipprapa
30-Jun-2005, 13:51
Hey Ron, I have a pack of TMax 400. Since I've changed to readyload, I didn't use it at all. You can pick up any time for testing ..if you want.


30-Jun-2005, 14:53
Hello Ron,

I use HP5 with D-76 1:1 and really like the results I have been getting. I shot a couple of boxes of T-max and it was very good but I seem to have been using 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10 HP5 film for the last couple of years. I have not shot the Delta so I can not speak in reference to that.

So Ilford HP5 is my vote but I too am curious to see what this thread pulls out of other users. . .Paul

David A. Goldfarb
30-Jun-2005, 22:27
The high speed films that I actually use in sheet sizes are Tri-X and J&C Classic 400, but you didn't ask about them.

mark blackman
1-Jul-2005, 06:02
I've has success with the new Rollei R3 film which is rated upto 6400. It certainly stands up to reasonable enlargement.

Joseph O'Neil
1-Jul-2005, 10:13
I usually shoot HP5+ at 200, but if you need a film to push to 400 or 800 ASA, I personally find HP5+ works the best of any of the films out there, and like was said before, Tri-X a close second.