View Full Version : A Large Format Victorian Camera By George Hare, London. From India

22-Jun-2017, 06:48
Just thpught you might like to see this


22-Jun-2017, 09:02
It is nice! What lens does this camera have?

Steven Tribe
22-Jun-2017, 14:17
This tailboard Hare camera was made for a long time from 1878. You read about it here:


It appears quite often in auctions, but I have never seen the brass bound case before!

If it is for sale, you can list it in the For Sale section here, when you have been a member for a month.

22-Jun-2017, 17:33
He already has it for sale, on Ebay. Which is against the rules. 332276175277

Steven Tribe
23-Jun-2017, 01:39
I should have checked! The signature apple and the Jaipur facade giving the Indian background. The box is probably local made and is certainly not mahogany!

Ron (Netherlands)
2-Jul-2017, 12:01
He is a dealer on Ebay. He doesn't answer questions regarding the camera's he has for sale.
He shields off the biddings, so you can't judge - if at all possible - whether it might be an honest sale.

Steven Tribe
2-Jul-2017, 13:27
Yes, I, for one, have no allusions about our new member. Private biddings can be misused quite easily.