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21-Jun-2017, 10:10
I was in Bièvres this month for the 54º Foire Photo. Although it is smaller than it was before I enjoyed a lot. Here is a review that I tried to make as comprehensive as possible. I posted it in my blog: https://apenasimagens.com/en/bievres-photo-fair-2017/

I have not idea about how popular the fair is among LF Forum members. But I think it could be very nice if next year some of us could gather over there, chat and drink offline.

Steven Tribe
21-Jun-2017, 11:22
Thanks, I do appreciate the work you put into this report.

I had vague thoughts of making an appearance, but spouse's trip to Budapest was at the same time.

I will place it as a higher priority next year. What are the chances at finding accomodation (meeting-up for LFPF members?) at Biévres for the night Saturday/Sunday?.

21-Jun-2017, 13:11
This time I stayed at Igny, a small town one train station away from Bièvres. But it is very tiresome. There are no taxi stands, buses only till Saturday and walking to train stations is not so easy with ups and downs. The hotel was very cheap 38 euros/day and that is the one the fair website recommends. It is in the middle of nowhere, bearable but not at all a pleasure. I never tried Bièvres itself, it is very small. But maybe, well in advance, it might be possible. My conclusion is that it is better to stay in Paris somewhere along the RER C way (Bibliotheque François Mitterrand, for instance) and assume you have to put one hour to get there and another to come back on both days. If LFPF members get into the mood of going, I think we could even contact the fair organization and arrange something special like a lecture about LF lenses, Wet Plate or whatever subject, followed by a glass of champagne in a reserved area. I am just thinking as I write. But my feeling is that the great deal of expertise that flows everyday through this forum has a great a synergy with the fair itself.

peter schrager
21-Jun-2017, 15:02
Thank you for the write up!!