View Full Version : Fujinar 250 4.5 and Shanel 5B (not S)?

20-Jun-2017, 09:38
Will the elements of a Fujinar 250/4.5 fit inside a Shanel-5B (not the S version) shutter? What about a Shanel-A model? If not, will it fit a Copal #3?

20-Jun-2017, 13:07
I'll be interested in the responses from others. Fiji made a Fujinar-SC 250mm F4.7 in a Copal #3 (front thread of 58mm), so it might be a different optic than the f4.5. The info I've seen shows the f4.5 as having a 75mm thread.

20-Jun-2017, 14:07
I have a Fujinar 25cm f/4.7 in a white-face Copal #3. My assumption has been that the aperture was restricted slightly by the Copal #3 shutter, hence the f/4.7 max aperture, but otherwise that the lens is identical to the f/4.5 versions. I could be wrong.

This one on eBay is (supposedly) an f/4.5 version in a Shanel 5BS:

There's also a sold listing with a 5x7 Rittreck camera that shows another f/4.5 one in a 5B-S (note the different markings - 5BS vs. 5B-S).

I don't know anything about Shanel shutters, just pointing out lenses I see on eBay. This lens is a curious one, rather uncommon it seems. I've used mine on 8x10 and it's a fun lens, with such a large aperture.

20-Jun-2017, 19:41
There were a number of Shanel shutters:

The 5A does not havet an aperture mechanism. It was meant for mounting barrel lenses that had their own iris diaphragms.

The 5B, 5BS and 5B-S are regular shutters with both aperture and speed mechanisms. I asked Wista about the differences in nomenclature, and whether there were any differences in the mechanisms. They said that these shutters were old enough that they had no data on them any more.


21-Jun-2017, 06:33
Taking a quick look for specs on JUST the Shanel 5A -- to determine the front thread -- I find FOUR different sizes. It's possible that the shutter was available in different front threads, as well as some of these listed measurements might be the width of the front opening, the width of the diaphragm, etc. Listed sizes of the "front" range from 56mm to 65mm. Fuji barrel lenses had sizes of 56mm, 62mm, 75mm, 90mm -- so at least the first two Fuji-sized lenses might fit -- with or without adapters.

As to the other Shanel shutters, I won't waste my time. If anyone has any exact measurements, I'm sure others would appreciate it.

21-Jun-2017, 11:56
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