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Dan Dozer
28-Jun-2005, 17:24
I can't believe this happened. I've been looking for a large sized Packard shutter for some time for a large barrel lens and finally found one that I thought would be the right size - large enough for the lens and small enough for the lens board. I was tracking it for some time on E-bay and was getting close to the time I wanted to submit my bid. Yes, I'm one of those guys that everyone hates who submits bids in the last seconds, but it usually results in a winning bid. Anyway, I got caught up in a long conference call with work and by the time I realized it, the bid time had run out. I guess I have to finally admit it that as I'm getting older, the memory cells are getting fewer.

Anyway, I've searched the internet sites up and down with all the usual companies to try to find one the correct size and found only one shutter (which was too small). I guess the one's that are bigger (2 3/4"- 3" dia. hole) are not very common at all. I know that I could go to Hub Photo and buy a new one, but I'm not sure I want to spend $150 for a Packard.

Does anyone have any suggestions on companies out there who might have Packard shutters? I've checked B&H, KEH, Lens & Repro, MPX, Ritz, Adorama, and a whole lot of others who I never knew existed.


28-Jun-2005, 18:32
They still make them. Why don't you just buy a new one?

Joe Smigiel
28-Jun-2005, 18:36
Try Equinox Photo in the Pacific NW someplace. Google for their website. I've purchased several used Packards from them at quite reasonable prices.

Specifically, what size shutter do you need? I may have one around. I have some large odd sizes that I'll never use.

Dan Dozer
28-Jun-2005, 19:00
Joe - I've checked with Equinox a couple of weeks ago and they don't have any at all right now. What I'm looking for is one that has an opening diameter of either 2 3/4" (that will just fit on the inside of the lens board), or over 3 1/4" (to front mount it on the lens).

David du Busc
29-Jun-2005, 06:26
Hub Photo is the importer or manufacturer.... a few keystrokes will have you at their doorstep.

Grimes either sells them or can point you in the right direction.

Good Luck

29-Jun-2005, 07:20
If you want a cheap packard look for an old lens or camera with an included packard. My big packard came inside an 8x10 monorail. New the shutter would have almost cost more then what I paid for the camera. You might be able to take the shutter and resell the rest.