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15-Jun-2017, 06:10
For 365 days I lived from trading. In exchange for people providing me with a bed and food for a couple of days, I would thank them by photographing something for them, and capturing the experience along the way.

The photos I made and stories of those I traded with have culminated into a book. The Fools With Dreams Book is a 250+ page, enduring accessible record of what and how I saw for a year, accompanied by interviews with the fools I met and short essays about life along the way. An intimate glimpse into the life of a photographer, and as such, into the life and dreams of the 62 fools in the book.

The book is now live on Kickstarter if you're interested (http://ezrt.io/23125ff?utm_campaign=general&utm_source=lfp&utm_medium=website)!

Of course I'll gladly answer all questions right here :-)