View Full Version : Dallmayer Carfac

Jim Andrada
14-Jun-2017, 19:40
I picked one of these little lenses up from a forum member and would like to find out more about it. I've tried it out on my 5 x 7 and it's quite nice. Anyone know anything about the lens, it's history, technical info etc? I've found a bit of info here and there but not much.


Efke 25, Agfa-Ansco 5 x 7, exposure by guess. Scanned on an IQsmart 2 and messed about with in Photoshop. There was a light breeze and the flowers were moving a little.


Jim Andrada
19-Jun-2017, 19:42
Is everybody stumped?;)

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Jun-2017, 21:00
The Carfac is a revised (cheapened) version of the Dallmeyer Stigmatic. See Dan Fromm's post here:

Jim Andrada
20-Jun-2017, 16:37
Thanks. There's not much written about them. Regardless of it being "cheapened" I quite like it!

18-Sep-2017, 11:20
That is a lovely photograph.