View Full Version : Cost of 8x10 bellows

28-Jun-2005, 13:24
Anyone know the replacement cost of an 8x10 36" tapered bellows? Thanks

Oren Grad
28-Jun-2005, 14:04
Camera Bellows of the UK has an on-line form into which you can enter the exact specifications for what you need, and they'll email you a quote. The opening page of the form is here:

www.camerabellows.com/Order_1.asp (http://www.camerabellows.com/Order_1.asp)

Steve Hamley
28-Jun-2005, 14:05

Depends on who you buy it from. I'd say a median figure for the "aftermarket" (Turner Bellows, Western Bellows, Camera Bellows) would be $300 - $450. If you're buying from Sinar or Linhof, double it, at least.

I bought one from Camera Bellows for a Deardorff a few years ago and IIRC it was about $425 and worth it.


Gregory Owens
28-Jun-2005, 16:53

I recently bought a new bellows for my 8 x 10 Deardorff from Jim Ormond at Western Bellows here in southern California. I paid about $250.00 for it and he did a wonderful job. He can be reached at 909-980-0606.