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11-Jun-2017, 00:18
Hi, Please can anyone tell me what model Sinar is this camera.
Thanks in advance,

12-Jun-2017, 08:10
That's a Sinar F, I believe.

12-Jun-2017, 09:16

Peter Lewin
12-Jun-2017, 10:05
Obviously one of the F-series, but is it an F, F1, or F2? I owned an F, and it had a different rail clamp than the one pictured. I don't know if they changed the clamp before coming out with the F1.

Greg Davis
12-Jun-2017, 10:07
I believe it is an F1. The F2 has the rubber grip on the rail clamp and black rails, I think.

12-Jun-2017, 18:23
I say it's an F, I have one identical to this and purchased in 1980 with the same rail clamp.

Mark Sampson
12-Jun-2017, 19:02
Obviously not an F2. There was an 'F+' model along the way as well, but I've never used any of the earlier F models... so I can't say which one this is. Great camera, whatever the model.

12-Jun-2017, 19:25
some more information;

The original Sinar F is easily identified by a brushed aluminum monorail and other aluminum accents, while the Sinar F1, F2, and F3 models were made of the same materials, but painted black. The Sinar F also has hard plastic knobs, versus the rubber-coated knobs of the F1 and F2.[5]

12-Jun-2017, 22:38
What is the current market value of this model Sinar?

A friend of mine, has an almost mint condition Sinar F and is thinking of selling it without a lens.

I have a Zone VI or Alpina model and was thinking of purchasing his Sinar F and selling my Zone VI.

13-Jun-2017, 04:57
I've bought two F2's for $350 each so I'd say around $400.

neil poulsen
13-Jun-2017, 08:22
Sinar F's are inexpensive. I'd say $300 to $350. I've seen them sell for $250.