View Full Version : Graphex Shutters & Cell Replacements

Wayne Crider
28-Jun-2005, 08:09
Years back I got a Super Graphic with a 135 Optar (Wollensak for Graflex) in a Graphex Full Synchromatic shutter. ( This may be a renamed Wollensak shutter?) The shutter has very good speeds per a test I had done, but the resolution of the lens isn't all that great. I was wondering if I can pickup better glass and use the shutter. It appears to be what I would call a #1 shutter, but I'm sure there are differences. My needs are something in the 90 to 150 range, and if there was better glass available from that era, I'm thinking of looking for a lens with a bad shutter and replacing the elements.

Alan Babbitt
28-Jun-2005, 08:41
I would say that, in the end, you'd be better off to buy a good lens in a bad shutter and repair the shutter. Most "bad" shutters only need a cleaning and lubrication to work like new. When you found a new lens, you would have to worry about whether that lens would fit the threads on your shutter, how the front and rear elements would be spaced, and accuracy of the aperture scale. Unless you can do all that work yourself, the cost of having it done can be upwards of $250, not including what you pay for the new lens.

The Ektars of that era are reputedly somewhat better than the Optars, due to better quality control.

Wayne Crider
28-Jun-2005, 10:34
If anyone has a Graphex shutter would you please list your focal length and lens maker if available. In this way I'll have a list of what was available.

Alan, there are always lenses on Ebay in bad shutters that go pretty cheap. If the elements are good I'd rather swap. AFAIK old springs are old springs and I read that many times you can't get the spring or it will return to being the way it was. That's why there are new shutters for sale. If the shutter is good, especially in this case, I doubt elements will cost any more then getting one fixed. But I could be wrong; May as well try.