View Full Version : PhotoKlassik Magazine International English version

6-Jun-2017, 11:47
I discovered this lurking on Filmwasters forum. A long establish German magazine concentrating on film photography is going to produce an International English language version published quarterly and is looking to Kickstarter to initially fund it. This is a print publication.


More information about the magazine.

peter schrager
6-Jun-2017, 17:11
Kicked in!

7-Jun-2017, 03:13
Looks promising! Great mixture of images, technical information, and news related to analog photography. The print quality of the German version is superb and should be the same for the International (English) version.


Thad Gerheim
16-Nov-2018, 12:45
I just subscribed today after seeing a post from Karl Hudson. Karl was setting up a Tango drum scanner for the people who put the magazine out and will be contributing an article on drum scanning in the future. Looks like Bruce Barnbaum is featured in the most recent edition. Hurray, for someone to put out an international magazine in print on analog photography!

peter schrager
16-Nov-2018, 18:50
I kicked in on the kickstarter to help fund the magazine.
Received my copy last week and was underwhelmed. Printing was first rate along with layout and design. Was NOT impressed by the articles as I've o
Seen Bruce barnbaum umpteen times in other magazines
And the other articles were just ok. I applaud a new magazine on analog but there's lots more going on in analog as far as I'm concerned and a lot more cutting edge work.