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Doug Dolde
27-Jun-2005, 18:39
Some guy just sold an Ebony SV810UE on Ebay for $6500 buy now. Now the same guy has an Ebony SV45U2 for $2750 buy now. Item number: 7526996184

Either this guy is a fraud or he is nuts !

Steve Hamley
27-Jun-2005, 19:22

Not so. Jim at MPEX recently sold a used SV810E for around $4500, and a near mint used SV810 with 5x7 and 4x5 backs all in boxes went for for somewhat less than that. Badger lists the SV810UE for about $8600 plus change, so $6500 for a nice example is not unreasonable. A friend bought a near mint SV45U for around $2000. They can be had in this price range, but thet aren't your everyday occurrence.

There also seems to be a "cap" on what people are willing to pay on ebay, and that seems to be around $3500 - $4000 no matter what it is. There are exceptions of course.


Brian Vuillemenot
27-Jun-2005, 20:43
I'd have to say that it's not the guy selling the cameras, but rather the people paying those exorbitant prices, who are nuts. ($2750 for a used 4X5?!?)

Ted Harris
27-Jun-2005, 21:48
2700 to 2800 is what I would expect to pay for a used SV45U2 in a reputable private sale. From Midwest or Badger I would expect to pay 3000 to 3200. Rule of thumb is 70% of new for a private sale if it is in +++ condition and 80% from a dealer. Just a rough benchmark but certainly shows that the auction prices are not that far off the mark.

Doug Dolde
28-Jun-2005, 10:28
I asked the guy what the deal was selling so many Ebonys. He said he is happy with his RW810 and less complicated 4x5's AND has a new Ebony 20x24 on order. Holy mother of God.

23-Oct-2006, 13:23
I'm interested in purchasing a used ebony SV810UE. I've often wondered where the Japanese go to trade in used items since ebay folded over there. It would seem to me they would have a much healthier supply of these rare items. Be that as it may if any of you ever hear of one, let me know.


Gary Smith
23-Oct-2006, 14:28
Not actually so. I have seen fewer Ebony cameras for sale here in Japan than in the U.S. However, even used here they tend to be very expensive, more so than the U.S. as well.


Don Hutton
23-Oct-2006, 14:46
I'd guess that there are fewer than 10 SV810UEs in existence. I sold mine recently on this forum to someone in the UK. I wouldn't hold out too much hope in locating a second hand one - I think the mahogany SV810Us are a bit more common (the ebony is a heavy camera). A few dealers in the US seem to have a good line into the second hand market in Japan, so if you are really interested, I'd get hold of someone like Jim at Midwest.

Dirk Rösler
23-Oct-2006, 18:29
We have Yahoo! Auctions in Japan. It is 99.999% domestic and very reliable. You usually have your item the next day, sometimes before the payment has cleared. Many people accept returns as well.

Here is the LF camera section: http://list3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/2084204354-category-leaf.html

Used camera prices are higher than in the US, but condition is usually very good.

Oren Grad
23-Oct-2006, 18:45
condition is usually very good

But not always. Here's a bizarre one (http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m37146699). For those who don't want to slog through the Japanese, it's a beat-up Eastman view camera - probably 5x7 - crudely painted gray, with a Rittreck 6.5x8.5 adapter back, and stacks of both 5x7 and 6.5x8.5 holders. Actually, the holders don't look half bad. As is usually the case on Yahoo! Japan, the seller isn't willing to ship internationally.

Alan Rabe
24-Oct-2006, 04:40
What a terrible thing to do to a camera, Battleship grey. Makes you want to cry.:(