View Full Version : Shutter speeds on 80mm Schneider

27-Jun-2005, 15:51
Can someone tell me what the B and T stand for on the shutter speed dial? I'm a newbie. Is B for "Bulb"?


Kevin Crisp
27-Jun-2005, 16:23
Yes, Jason, the "B" is for bulb, even though you're not really using a bulb. It means if you push in on the cable release and hold it in, the shutter will stay open until you let it go. The "T" is the time setting, pushing the release once holds the shutter open all on its own (i.e., you can push once and let go and it stays open) and then pushing it in again causes the shutter to close. The T setting is handy for longer exposure where holding it open for a minute or more would get tedious. It lets you get your hands off of things during a long exposure, which can avoid some camera movement. If your shutter isn't working as above it might need service, these functions often seem to be the first ones having problems.

27-Jun-2005, 16:48
Kevin - I appreciate it.