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Luca Merlo
27-Jun-2005, 11:28
I wish to pass from the 4x5 format to the 8x10 and, among other lenses, I am equipped with a Nikkor 300/9. Since I have been recently offered to purchase a G-Claron 240 and a 305, I was wandering if the 240 can be a good moderate wide-angle choice and the 305 would offer me some advantages over the Nikkor 300/9 that I own. Moreover, I would like to know your opinion about completing the set with a Fujinon 450/12.5.

Christopher Perez
27-Jun-2005, 11:59
The 240 GClaron would be a nice lens to work with in 8x10. If not that, try a 250mm Fujinon W f/6.7.

A 305 GClaron would give more coverage than your Nikkor. But how much bellows contortions will you be doing (ie: Rise/shift)? You Nikon might be sufficient for your indended uses. Check it out first.

The 450 Fuji C is one of God's Gifts to humans like us. Multi-coated. Small. Light. V.sharp. Covers 12x20 when stopped to f/45.

John Kasaian
27-Jun-2005, 13:29

I have both the 300 Nikkor M and the 240 G Claron. FWIW, unless you're planning on using a great deal of perspective control, I'd suggest keeping the Nikkor as your 300mm and using it for awhile to see how it works out unless the 305 G Claron was just too good of a price to pass up. As for the 240 G Claron, I think it is a suberb lens for an 8x10. The only drawback IMHO would be that 240mm is awefully close to 300mm in 8x10. If you're on a tight budget you might find that the 240/250 mm and a 355/360 mm would give you greater variety(or a 210mm and a 300/305mm.) That said, I wouldnt let it stop me from adding the 240 to my kit if I could afford it---the 240 G Claron is that good.

Cheers & welcome to 8x10!

Steve Hamley
27-Jun-2005, 14:06
I have another suggestion: Find the rarer 270mm G-Claron and use it instead of the 240mm/300mm lenses. Then add the 355mm or 360mm lens.


Scott Rosenberg
27-Jun-2005, 18:44
what steve said.

Luca Merlo
27-Jun-2005, 23:11
Thank you very much for your suggestions and encouragement !!!

Marco Frigerio
28-Jun-2005, 00:09
Luca, I shoot 8x10" and I've just sold my Nikkor 300M because I find it very soft at the edges, even when moderate tilt/shift were involved.

I was advised by the great members of this forum to purchase a 305 G Claron or a 300 Sironar S, so I think that with the 305 you can't go wrong.

btw, now I have the Sironar S, it's very very expensive but it's worth the price.