View Full Version : Camera Back Pin Modification

Michael Kadillak
27-Jun-2005, 11:05
I have a Wisner camera back with a four pin attachment system that I noticed was a bit loose at the top end. The bar that slides over it is not engaging the pin sufficiently and there is some lateral movement here. My first reaction is to try to "thicken" the exposed brass pin a bit. My question is what is the best technique to accomplish this objective? I would rather not pull out the two top pins and install newer thicker ones but would do it if it is the best alternative if I can get new pins. I absolutely will not send this back to Wisner under any circumstances.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Donald Hutton
27-Jun-2005, 11:11

I have just done this on my Deardorff - hobby shops seem to keep a vast array of thin brass tubing - all sorts of different OD and IDs. I used a very small pipe cutter to chop the sections - it worked fine and had the added benefit that the pipe cutter tends to close the "cut end" slightly - all the better for a really tight fit onto the existing pins. I then used a little dab of good epoxy. Should the brass tube OD be a little too large, the brass is very easily worked down to the correct size (a fine nail file works well)...

Michael Kadillak
27-Jun-2005, 16:15
Excellent suggestion Don. That is the solution I will use to correct the problem. I thank you for sharing your experiences on this subject.