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Eirik Berger
27-Jun-2005, 10:04
Until now I have developed my 120-films in a Paterson tank and my 4x5" in a CombiPlan. I think I have good control over the devolping process using these tanks with standard agitation technique of ten seconds (three inversions) per minute. I have established both film speed and development times using Les Meehans method (http://www.zone2tone.co.uk/testingm.htm). I use mostly Fuji Acros, and in a week I am expecting my first shipment of Acros in 8x10" (Doesn´t that sound amazing!) to use with my recently purchased Calumet C 8x10 "Black beast".

I dont have a developing tank for 8x10" and for now I guess I will have to develop my 8x10 negatives in a tray.
How do I calculate proper developing time using a tray instead of a tank? Are there special tachniques you can use to achive descent negatives with traydeveloping? Maybe a method so I can use the same developing times as for my tank.

You have to excuse my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean.

Eirik Berger
Vikran, Norway

27-Jun-2005, 11:11
Hej Eirik!

You are a little bit closer to Stockholm Sweden then most here, but I recommend Förstoringsateljén here in Stockholm.
The majority of their customers shoot at least 4x5.

They are the ones I am building a 20x24 color enlarger with. (I mentioned this in http://www.mamutphoto.com/forum/index.php)
I was doing all my 12x20 negs in trays with Pyro. I now have them develop the majority of my film. They have a very special dip-n-dunk
and the film IS totally evenly developed!! Come down to Sthlm and lets have a beer!

Fotograf Tedd Soost

Studio 20M
Ranhammarsvägen 20M
161 11 Bromma


Eirik Berger
27-Jun-2005, 11:17
Heisann Tedd

I might take you up on that one. I have plans to visit my childhoodfriend who emigrated to Gällivare this autumn anyway. 1500 extra kilometres is nothing if you have a beer waiting for me...

Siden sist har jeg fått laget meg en 16x20" filmholder, men selve kameraet bygger jeg til vinteren. I sommer skal jeg fotografere 8x10".

Vi talas ved

Bruce Watson
27-Jun-2005, 11:27
You could consider developing your 10x8 film in a rotary tank, such as a Jobo 3005 tank. It's not the same agitation that you are used to, but if it works as well as the 3010 for 5x4, you'll get completely even development each and every sheet. Just a thought.