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29-May-2017, 11:31
I have a couple of holders I bought that had film in them. In fact, I bought enough from this source that I started checking them all in the dark before cleaning and putting the holder into circulation.

In any case, I'm guessing I have a mis-match of film types. I have a few that are marked TXP 320, but beyond that I don't have any clues. The notch codes on several are unfamiliar to me, and I've been too lazy to trek over to the library where I work and get the huge book of notch codes(at least that Wikipedia references).

I was thinking of just rounding up my ones with film in them and shooting them at ASA 100 with about 5 or 6 minutes in D76 straight.

I also have one holder that's showing the black side, so I'm guessing it may be exposed.

Does that sound like a decent plan? This would be strictly for fun and maybe looking at a few junk box lenses-nothing I cared about.

bob carnie
29-May-2017, 11:35
That is exactly what I would have said Ben - 100- D76 straight 7 minutes

I would just do it ,you will be getting images for sure.

29-May-2017, 11:52
ditto. If it were me I would shoot at 100, dev in HC110 50:1 for 10 minutes.

29-May-2017, 12:09
Thanks guys-that's what it will be!

I'll report back with what I get.

29-May-2017, 13:01
Develop in Diafine.

Constant time of 5 minutes max in each part (A and B) for any film.
The temperature can range from 70 to 85 degrees with no change in the results.

Extremely good results with any black&white film.

And the parts last forever in sealed glass bottles, full or not.

- Leigh

29-May-2017, 15:26
I'd take the film out and replace it with known fresh film.

29-May-2017, 15:53
I'd take the film out and replace it with known fresh film.

+1. Not worth the time and work to do anything else with it.

29-May-2017, 16:18
Well, my D76 usually goes bad before I can use all of it, so that's no great loss.

Aside from that, what do I have to lose to go out and fart around in my front yard for a half hour? I can do stuff like test the FP shutter in my Graflex and test the 127mm Ektar with a dead shutter that someone here gave me.

I have probably 6 or 8 sheets...that's 32 oz. of D76.

29-May-2017, 18:57
You can use the film for stuff like light leak tests, etc...

Steve K

Tim Meisburger
29-May-2017, 19:06
Stand development in Rodinal 1:100 for one hour will develop any film at any speed.