View Full Version : Instant Mytol users help

Eric Woodbury
28-May-2017, 17:48
I'm not sure how big of a group this is. Generally, I'm a XTOL 1:1user. I have used my last bag and had some FP4 to process, so I whipped up a little Instant Mytol. It seems overly vigorous. FP4 in Inst Mytol 1:1 for 8 min is about N+1.5. My usual XTOL 1:1 time is 8.5 min. All times for 70F. 4x5 sheet film in tubes. I don't see this as a bad thing and I'm not complaining, only surprised.

Should I dilute more or reduce time or change my hobby?


LF'ers are the best.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
28-May-2017, 21:29
I can't help you, but will report that I also had some difficulties with Instant Mytol. I had lots of variation from batch to batch, so I ended up switching to regular Mytol. Since doing so, I haven't seem much difference between batches, and my initial tests showed no discernable difference between regular Mytol and Xtol. My recommendation is to change your Mytol formula, not your hobby.