View Full Version : How about is 820mm F/9 Zeiss protar coverage?

24-Jun-2005, 19:57
How about is 820mm F/9 Zeiss protar coverage?Could you let me know the price about this lens.thanks!

Ernest Purdum
25-Jun-2005, 08:32
It was listed for use on a maximum plate size of 16" X 20" (406 X 508mm). The image circle was given as 64 9/16", about 1640mm, at small stops. The angle of coverage was 90 degrees.

Jan Van Hove
27-Jun-2005, 02:38
64 inches of coverage, wow !

That's a lot more than 16x20 !
That covers, in theory, a 45 inch X 45 inch plate !

i'll say it again.... wow !