View Full Version : a New 617 & 624 camera DIY kit with focue ring and small image sensor for focusing

24-May-2017, 23:08
A lot of friends and clients gave me valuable advice after my first Kickstarter crowd-funding exercise. The mostly discussed topic was focusing. Apart from landscape, some people also wanted to use big lens to take portraits. Some use larger aperture to freeze fast-moving action while other photographers use films of different sizes, such as 612 or 624, etc.

I wish above demands can be satisfy by the new kickstarter campaign.

Mick Siu



7-Jun-2017, 18:17
Earlier we introduced two types of 617 cameras (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wingsiu/diy-middle-format-hybrid-camera-probably-1st-in-th?) - with and without focus adjustment function. There was little demand for the former. Probably using butter paper to help focusing is a bit of trouble in outdoor shooting. To address the issue, we now use another away to reflect the image on the screen - through the lens and image sensor. Get a low-price image sensor, place it where the film is installed and connect it to the external screen. It will show the image to be captured on the film. Install the film when you are certain the focus is accurate.