View Full Version : Hinge back for Sinar

24-Jun-2005, 10:21
Recently I bought a Sinar Alpina at a great price. However, removing the ground glass to insert a film holder is a real pain in the neck. Is there a proprietary (Sinar) or after market hinged back so that I can just insert the film holder?

Thanks in advance for any help.

dan nguyen
24-Jun-2005, 12:49
could you post an small image of the back in 3/4 view?

Jerry Flynn
24-Jun-2005, 13:14
I have used several different models of Sinar over the years. While I have not used the Alpina, I belive it is very similar to an A1, which I have used. I think all Sinars post-Norma use the same back. There is normally a lever on the lower left side of the ground glass frame (when the back is in the landscape orientation) that raised the back for film holder insertion by means of a pair of geared arms. Is yours missing this (i.e. is it broken off)?

dan nguyen
24-Jun-2005, 14:08
As Jerry described I can't see how the film holder can stay in place once you remove the ground glass. The ground glass itself has a spring that keep the film holder falling off once you insert it in.