View Full Version : did i take a beating here?

Jim Rice
23-Jun-2005, 18:16
Man, did I take a beating on this Sironar or what?

Ted Harris
23-Jun-2005, 18:26
Rest easy, you got it for a bit under market. I sold a Caltar IIS MC 210 .. same vintage, etc. for $350 around 6-9 months ago.

Paul Cocklin
23-Jun-2005, 18:41
I'm confused, Jim. Are you the seller or the bidder?

That's not much more than I paid for a Sironar-N 150mm (I think it was $250) Did I get knackered?

Ernest Purdum
23-Jun-2005, 19:07
The best way I know of to answer this sort of question is to review the closed auctions for similar items. I searched Sinaron and Sironar and looked for 210mm. As you might expect, those in DB mounts went for lower prices, around US $200. The lowest price for one in shutter was EUR132.50, but this one was available for local pick up only! The highest price was $351. There were several for which the opening bid was $400 or more. This didn't work - no sale.

Maybe a better idea still is to avoid using the rear-view mirror once the purchase has been made.

Ross Hint
23-Jun-2005, 20:21
Not bad.

I got a 300mm Sironar-N for $330 inclduing shipping months ago.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
24-Jun-2005, 06:28
If you were the seller you took a bit of a beating. If you were the buyer you got a good deal but not a great deal. I got the same lens in a DB mount for $167. Throw in $60 for a press shutter and $60 for a new aperture scale and that puts me just below your cost.

Jim Rice
26-Jun-2005, 11:28
Thanks guys. I was the seller, so I'm licking my not too terrible wounds. I did drop about $500 for it from Jim at Midwest and the Grandagon did better, so I was a little disappointed. The kicker is the buyer is wanting to be a little bitchy about it.

Ted Harris
26-Jun-2005, 12:01
How long ago did you buy it for $500, a month, six months, two years? If it is within any reasonable time period and Jim has something else you want and the lens is in the same shape as when you boughgt it then just return it as part of an exchange. If it is only a few weeks or month or two then he will most likely take it back, period. The advantage of dealing with Midwest.....then you can tell the buyer it is no longer available and return their money.