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Donald Hutton
23-Jun-2005, 12:58
I am looking for a second hand ULF camera. I have tried the usual suspects - MPex, Lens&Repro, Keh and Quality in Atlanta - am I missing anyone worthwhile? There seem to be some new 7X17s around, but I have a budget for this venture which precludes a nice new toy.

Jorge Gasteazoro
23-Jun-2005, 13:13
What is your budget? James Chinn, an APUG member, is seeling 7x17 cameras for around $2000 with 2 holders. You might want to contact him.

Oren Grad
23-Jun-2005, 13:26
The other alternative is to have patience and watch eBay - that's the likeliest place to find a Korona 7x17 these days. The Folmer & Schwing 7x17 is very scarce no matter where you look.

Christopher Perez
23-Jun-2005, 13:59
In addition to the places mentioned above, I'd stress looking at eBay until you find what you're looking for. Or, if you're lucky enough in your area to have these, visit photo swap meets on a regular basis.

The last swap I went to, I had a table. Sold a couple Rolleiflex TLRs because I had too many. The problem was, just three tables over there was a guy selling ULF gear. Whatever I made on the Rolleis was quickly spent on a really nice (and I do mean nice) 7x17 Korona, with lenses, film holders, extension rail, and film. The price was negotiable too. So get thee to a photo swap! :-)

Eric Woodbury
23-Jun-2005, 15:23
I think a friend of mine has one for sale. I will check and get back to you.

Donald Hutton
23-Jun-2005, 18:07
Thanks for the replies.

Chris, you and I both know that attending "swap meets" is a financial hazard... I expose myself to these hazards on occasion, but have yet to see anything worthwhile - I suspect that this part of the Midwest was a ULF desert. I am in the process of trying to contact Jim Chinn. Eric, please drop me an email!

Ted Harris
23-Jun-2005, 19:38
AFAIK Jim Chinn is contemplating selling his 7x17 at that price but has not actually produced any.

Ken Lee
24-Jun-2005, 08:35
How about taking plans for a Bender, and scaling them accordingly ?

Dan Fromm
24-Jun-2005, 09:34
Try http://www.deleon-ulf.com/

Jan Van Hove
24-Jun-2005, 10:39
For the scaling up of a bender kit, here is a guy who did just that, building himself a 12x20 camera...