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Calamity Jane
23-Jun-2005, 08:59
DANG! Just checked wiht my local "pro shop" to see what they had in 8x10 film - thought I'd pick up some 100 Delta for when (if?) my 8x10 camera arrives - NONE, don't stock, "We can order it in for you."

Also went Web-surfing and looking at 8x10 film prices - EEEOOOUCH! Reminds me why I started with 4x5.

Where's the best deals on mail order 8x10 film. I prefer 100 Delta and E100G but I am NOT going to morgage the house to buy film :-(

Thanks gang!

David Luttmann
23-Jun-2005, 09:07

Photo Warehouse in LA can supply you with B&W 8x10 sheets.....not Delta 100 though. It is FP4. I prefer the tonality of FP4 to Delta....and on an 8x10 sheet....the grain doesn't matter.

Eric Leppanen
23-Jun-2005, 09:08
Your best bang-for-the-buck is the European B&W films. Here is a source:

www.jandcphoto.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=62 (http://www.jandcphoto.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=62)

You can also keep a look out for deals on expired film.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Jun-2005, 09:39
Keep some of the money in Canada...buy from thecamerastore in Calgary. They have a website. Ask for 10% off. You only get charged GST as it's in Alberta. They send via Greyhound to me here in Coquitlam, BC.

Jeff Morfit
23-Jun-2005, 09:57
I have noticed that JandC also has a store on EBay if you want to purchase your film from them that way. For 8x10 and larger format films, JandC's prices are hard to beat.

23-Jun-2005, 10:12
The cheapest is likely the J&C 100 film. Shipping will offset some of the saving but it'll still be cheaper then buying Ilford in Canada.

For colour film. Mortgage the house. Nothing is cheap in 8x10 colour film.

23-Jun-2005, 10:14
CJ, I purchase my 8x10 100 Delta mail order from Vistek.ca in Toronto. Takes 3-4 weeks to get it if they don't have it in stock.

Daniel Grenier
23-Jun-2005, 10:23
8x10 IS expensive. Period. Check out Treckhall.com, Calamity. They have very good prices for a great many things. I'm not sure if they can get your Delta film but give them a call. They have offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Good luck

Joseph O'Neil
23-Jun-2005, 11:33
Try Eight Elm camera in Toronto?


I only use 4x5, but thier prices on films like a 25 sheet box of HP5+ are about 4 dollars a box cheaper than Henry's.

They also carry a few European brands, so take a look. No assocaition with them, just a happy customer.

Hans Berkhout
23-Jun-2005, 21:23
I have in the freezer about 100 (if I remember correctly) sheets of outdated APX100 which I planned on cutting into 4x5". If you are interested you can call me in Calgary, I'm in the phonebook-or use email.