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23-Jun-2005, 08:43
What is the Apo Repro Lens? Why it has the maximal aperture 45 at the f=360mm and will it suffice for landscapes photography for 11x14?

Steve Hamley
23-Jun-2005, 10:19
An apo(chromatic) repro(duction) lens is a lens designed to photgraph flat subjects for reproduction, like maps, artwork, and so on.

Large f-stops mean small (minimum) apertures. Usually these lenses have modestly large minimum apertures (like f/45) in shutter and smaller minimum apertures when in barrel.

Which lens is it? Common 4/4 lenses like the Apo Artar, Repro Claron, or Apo Ronar will not cover 11x14 at infinity or will not cover sharply to the corners. Others like the 360mm WA Apo Nikkor and 355mm G-Claron will. If you have one that covers, repro lenses are a good choice for landscape photography.


23-Jun-2005, 11:51
Thanks, Steve!!!
You have very much helped! I have almost bought this lens, and now have kept many money :)
Success in all!!!