View Full Version : Will my Nikkor-w 135mm cover 5x7?

Robert Skeoch
22-Jun-2005, 21:02
I own a Nikkor-w 135mm F5.6 that I bought used. I'm thinking of buying a 5x7 and wondered if this lens will cover that format.
Anyone know.

Mike Lopez
22-Jun-2005, 22:11
According to the lens comparison chart found elsewhere on this site, it won't cover 5x7.

Brian Ellis
23-Jun-2005, 06:26
The Nikon 135-W specs show an image circle of 200mm at f22. I don't remember what the minimum required coverage is for 5x7.

Ernest Purdum
23-Jun-2005, 07:01
You'll see slight differences depending on rounding off, allowance for margins, etc., but the diagonal of 5" X 7" is about 8 1/4" or 210mm.

Eric Woodbury
23-Jun-2005, 11:02
A 57 sheet of film is 8.6" on the diagonal. That is 218.5 mm. This doesn't make much difference, however, as the film holder masks some of this. I don't remember the useable diagonal right now and I'm not where I have a holder, but if this lens has a 200mm circle, that will be plenty. Besides, the image circle is typically bigger than stated in the literature. And you can crop your neg back to the useable portion, in any case.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
23-Jun-2005, 11:34
No, it will not cover. Corners will be vignetted about a centimeter or so. As far as I know, there are no modern 135mm lenses which will cover 5x7. I think the only commonly available 135mm lens which will cover is the Wide Field Ektar.