View Full Version : A newbies shutter confusion

16-May-2017, 01:55
Dear all,

I got my hands on Schneider 210mm 5.6 (front and rear lenses only) for copal 1 and am looking for a shutter.
I have little knowledge of shutter so i turn for advice to you.
I there are some Zriss Jena Tessar 4.5 120mm Ikon Compur lenses on auction and I do not know if i could fit my schneider in one of those.
Also, there are some tominon 127mm and 75mm Copal 1 (Polaroid branded) options on sale which should fit, but i hear it is hard to remove the lens from the shutter?

My main goal is to use the shutter mainly as an aperture and (diy-) mounting device as this will serve as a "how a camera works" demonstration setup for children. :-)


Chauncey Walden
16-May-2017, 14:53
It looks like the Schneider archives show a 210 Symmar requiring a Compur 1, so a Compur or Copal 1 should be good to go. Just be careful that some of the press shutters do not have apertures.

Dan Fromm
16-May-2017, 15:41
If you want to use the lens, be wary of Polaroid Copal shutters. Many of them have limited apertures, i.e., don't open as wide as non-Polaroid Copal shutters. If all you want is a demonstration device, there's no reason not to use one.

16-May-2017, 17:20
There are two separate EBAY auctions right now for two Nikon 210mm f5.6 optincs -- no lenses, just the shutters, I think they are #1 Copals. Starting bids at $20. Seller says they work fine.